What about whole house water filtration systems?

Whole house filtration systems allow for a single point of filtration in your house, taking the tap water and filtering it for all of the taps in the house. So, why wouldn’t you install one of these systems? It seems that it provides the ultimate in convenience along with a minimum amount of maintenance.

Well, there are a few caveats that need to be mentioned here. For one thing, not many people have this kind of money to throw around. You are talking about a minimum of $1,000 and possibly more, depending on the sophistication of the system.

Also, if ever you do have to do some maintenance on the system, it could be costly. You could be talking several hundred dollars worth of repairs. Lastly, we should mention that you still need to replace filters with a whole house system. The filters do not have an infinite lifetime, after all.

What would my decision be? If you ask me, I would save money and use it on something else. If you have a shower water filter and you are using a pitcher filter for your drinking water, you are covering all of your bases. If you wanted to invest in something serious, go with a reverse osmosis system, which is cheaper than a whole house system, and it does a better job overall.

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